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STEP 1. You must activate your Pro account. There are 3 affiliate packages available, they all pay the same commissions, the only difference is the number of BuzzTrakr pages. The recurring cost of your affiliate account is $25 per month. If you have not done this then upgrade to a Pro-member account NOW.

STEP 2. Make sure your monthly fee ($25) is covered. This is easy, you need to find only 3 people who either want to use BuzzTrakr pages to market their business or want to create an income using BuzzTrakr Powerline. Since BuzzTrakr is such a great marketing platform for any business this should be easy. Your monthly cost is covered once you have 3 Pro-members, the first goes to your sponsor (this is good, you will see why in a minute), the next 2 pay you 50%, that totals $25 each month in recurring income and covers your costs.

STEP 3. Teach each of the your Pro-Members to get 3 so that their costs are covered also. This is where things get really interesting! Remember that pass-up in Step 1. (you gave it to your sponsor) , it's now your turn to receive. You have 2 Pro-members that are yours (you can add many more as you want, you never pass up again). When you help them get the first of their 3 (Step 2) , they will give their first Pro-member to you. WOW! now you are earning commission from 4 Pro-members monthly, But wait there's more...

Each of the 2 new Pro-members that were passed to you, starts a new Powerline for you. This is were it starts to get crazy. They will each sign-up their first 3 members and Guess What! Their first goes to you, You now have 6 people paying you. This happens over and over again and again, and your powerlines and monthly residual earning will continue to grow as everyone teaches their 3 to get 3. You can make your income grow even faster. Each time you add a new personal sign-up you will begin another powerline. This new line will keep growing and giving back to you, as they each get their three.

This is absolutely fabulous and easy to achieve. Now it only gets better. See the steps and table below to build a HUGE recurring income.

Automatic financial freedom:

1. Sponsor 6 to 8 people to your team as Pro-members in your first month.
2. Teach and assist each of your team members to sponsor their 3 people each month and watch your powerlines grow!
3. Automatic Pro-Plus Team Builder enrolment activates after when you have 15 Pro in your powerline.
4. Automatic Pro Extreme Team Leader enrolment activates when you have 15 Pro Plus in your powerline.
5. Automatic CFM enrolment activates when you have 50 in your powerline. Get your share of the the CFM Bonus Pool.
6. Build a powerline of 100+ and to qualify for the CF Bonus Pool.

The Buzz pas-up compensation model takes care of your automatic income growth. Thats it. Done!
This chart showing income growth is based on you recruiting 2 Pro members per week and receiving 1 pass-ups per week from your powerlines.

Since you are going to do double the work of half the people you recruit. The table assumes half the people you recruit do not sponsor anyone.

1. Only your base $25 Pro Fee is charged monthly to your credit card or paypal, other fees are drawn internally from commissions earned.
2. Buzz Media Network provides no guarantee that you will achieve the total earning shown.
3. CFM Bonus Revenue Pool is 10% of company net monthly revenue. A member can receive up to 1% of the pool total
4. CF Bonus Revenue Pool is 10% of company net monthly revenue. A member can receive up to 5% of the pool total
5. Member may choose to opt-out of Pro-Plus and Pro Extreme, if so commission from these levels are passed to a paticipating upline sponsor.
6. Basic commission is paid at a rate of 50% to the upline sponsor.

Why does this work?
It works because you teach you personal recruits to sponsor 3 , this will ensure they know how to grow their own powerline Once they have sponsored 3 people they are profitable so their is no reason for them to quit, and income will grow every month. Anyone who wants to grow a lager income or grow their income faster can personally sponsor more direct powerline members. This is one of the most powerful and simple compensation models anywhere. You get to represent products and service that everyone in business needs.

*Income disclaimer - we cannot guarantee your income level since we are unaware of any individuals personal work ethic and habits. Earning the income shown requires that each person perform as required.

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